GrassRoots Catering was an idea brought to life by two aspiring chefs, this was our was our way of bringing our creativity to your dinner table. We have a strong sense of community and we love to source our products as locally as possible to support smaller businesses like ourselves. Our goal is to create a new outlook on what catering truly is, we feel in this day in age people are living life too fast. We love to sit people down and provide and exceptional experience through food that creates more than just a memory.

Chef Rocco Taliani has a broad spectrum of interests and skill base in the culinary world, he doesn’t choose a favorite cuisine when there is something about each he truly loves and respects. His knowledge base has been gained through many years in the industry, he has held quite a few prominent positions, his last venture being the Executive Chef for a High end catering company located in downtown Tampa, FL. His creativity and attention to detail and flavors is something to experience!
Chef Kevin Maggard is a classically trained chef that has experience in many cuisines as he studies to be a Master Chef at The Art Institute of Tampa. Working with some of tampas greatest chefs he has  learned how to handle  ingredients in a way that ensures a superior product. His knowledge in cohesive pairings and attention to detail in presentation is unique among others.